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Making molecular quality accessible to everyone.

We believe that quality care starts with an accurate and timely diagnosis. This is why point of care testing exists; to better inform and expedite decisions and treatment. However, as with many issues in healthcare, cost and complexity often dictate the diagnostic process and tools available for physicians and patients alike. 3EO was formed to change this dynamic by building a solution providing the benefits of molecular testing while exponentially reducing cost and enhancing workflow. 3EO was designed to disrupt a world where antigen is the only cost effective or efficient tool and make molecular quality accessible to everyone.

44% of americans

skip doctors' visits due to cost

West Health Institute/NORC at the University of Chicago national poll, 2018

32% of Americans

are unable to fill a prescription or take less medication due to cost

West Health Institute/NORC at the University of Chicago national poll, 2018

4 in 10 Americans

say they fear the costs associated with a serious illness which is more than the number who say they fear the illness itself

West Health Institute/NORC at the University of Chicago national poll, 2018

1 in 5 Americans

haven't seen a doctor in over 5 years

Online Doctor Survey, 2021

The Meaning Behind Our Name

The “3” in 3EO stands for the three primary elements that support human wellness: the health system, the community (or where you live), and the home (or how you live). At 3EO, we recognize the opportunity to better connect these domains. We made it a part of our name as a continuous reminder that each domain matters - new value is created when we enable these domains to work in concert.

Molecular Performance

Exponentially Lower Cost

Enhanced Workflow

Our "EO"s

The "EO" in our name represents the three primary ways that we create value: Exceptional Outcomes for EveryOne at the Earliest Opportunity.


We are on a mission to impact and eliminate health inequities for all. Elite technology shouldn’t come at price only the few can afford. We are working to make “elite” affordable for all.

Earliest Opportunity

For many health challenges time and frequency matter. We are seeking to create an environment where speed to and efficiency of health action is maximized for people, clinicians, and other meaningful stakeholders.

Exceptional Outcomes

A healthier community requires finding an easier and more cost-effective path to better results. This path isn’t paved by simply having a new technology; it’s paved by a relentless focus on better outcomes. That is what we do. That is who we are.

How We Do It

Most molecular technologies require significant sample manipulation in the pre-analytic and analytic phases of testing. This results in time-consuming sample preparation, the need for expensive instrumentation, and complex test consumable design. Each of these drives up cost and the overall work burden for users.

3EO’s proprietary biochemistry eliminates the need for expensive instrumentation and consumables. 3EO’s technology not only enables a more cost-effective dilution-free workflow, it facilitates inexpensive instrument and test design at ~30% the cost of leading molecular providers.

Senior Leadership Team

Jeremy Schubert MBA, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

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Peter Honkanen

Chief Technical Officer

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Dr. Thomas Schaus

Head of Research & Scientific Co-Founder

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Dennis Shay, Ph.D.

Head of Regulatory Affairs

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Lanning Levine

Head of Human Resources

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Our Team of Professional Innovators

With deep experience across all customer segments, our seasoned veterans have a wealth of knowledge and a strong track record of success. With disciplines ranging from technology discovery to public health, our team is ready to meet the challenge of disruption.

Today, and for the years to come.

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We believe that beyond technology, healthcare needs a new model, better collaboration and more access for all. No one company can do it alone. We are looking for organizations and individuals passionate about changing the game. Interested?
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