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COVID-19 Test, 20 Pack

COVID-19 Test, 20 Pack

The 3EO Health COVID-19 Test 20 Pack contains:

  • (20) 3EO Health COVID-19 Test Keys
  • (20) 3EO Health COVID-19 Swabs
  • (1) Quick Start Guide

COVID-19 Test, 20 Pack

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Molecular Jump Start Program $759.60 COVID-19 Starter Kit $195.00 COVID-19 Test, 2 Pack $39.90
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PCR Performance at Antigen Pricing

The 3EO Health COVID-19 Starter Kit contains (1) one Cube and (2) two COVID-19 Tests. Everything you need to test right away.

Each Kit Includes:

Get To Know 3EO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expiry on 3EO COVID-19 Tests?

3EO Covid-19 Tests currently have a 4 month expiry. If you would like to know the exact expiration date of the lot now shipping, please email us at

Will 3EO detect new variants such as JN.1?

As required by the FDA for all such tests, 3EO Health regularly monitors the responsiveness of our primers to the evolving strains. 

How long does it take for the 3EO test to return a result?

Time to result for a positive result is within 25 minutes; for negatives within 30 minutes.

Can I return the 3EO Health COVID-19 Starter Kit or Test Packs for a refund?

3EO Health testing products are not eligible for returns. We do offer a 90-day warranty on our Starter Kits.

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