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We all want to do what’s best for our patients and families while managing the ever-increasing pressure to do it economically.

 Among the many respiratory point-of-care diagnostic products, there are no solutions that are both high performing and cost effective. Prevailing molecular solutions are too costly and complex while antigen, although affordable, is suboptimal in terms of sensitivity and specificity[1].

3EO is the first option for physicians and consumers to deliver the performance of molecular at the cost of antigen while delivering game-changing ease of use:

Breakthrough Biochemistry.

3EO patented 3TR technology delivers proven PCR-level sensitivity and specificity.

Early detection and resilience to mutations are key to optimal diagnosis of infectious disease. 3EO’s novel 3TR amplification technology delivers molecular performance with an LoD of 733 copies per mL (1/1000 of what is required for antigen) and is responsive to all documented variants.

Exceptional Ease Of Use.

3EO takes the "work" out of lab work … saving time and money.

Molecular and antigen tests often require time consuming and expensive sample preparation. 3EO’s preparation-free technology enables an easy “direct-to-test” workflow eliminating time consuming technique dependent steps.

Given its 3 inch X 3 inch footprint, 3EO’s Cube is truly designed for near-patient testing including the exam room.

No preparation. No pipetting. No mixing. No timing. No interpretation.

Molecular Performance. Antigen Pricing.

3EO delivers high-performance at low-cost.

3EO’s cost per test is up to 70% lower than existing technologies while reducing the hidden costs of staff time, maintenance, QC, and wastage.

At an MSRP under $20 per test, 3EO makes molecular cost effective for everyone.

We believe that beyond technology, healthcare needs a new model, better collaboration and more access for all. Interested?

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