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3TR testing device3TR testing device

Game Changing Technology

Powerful molecular testing designed to fit into your life flow.

3EO Testing Device3EO without cover showing device internals3TR Key
Perfectly Portable

Our space-saving footprint allows testing to happen anywhere life happens.

Exceptionally Engineered

Elite molecular technology, intelligently engineered to take the guesswork out of your result.

Easy to use

Our novel 3TR Key™ is a self-contained mini-lab, expressly designed to simplify your testing experience.

3EO Testing Device3EO without cover showing device internals3TR Key

3EO Health is a Point of Life company leveraging novel diagnostic technology to power a digital wellness engine.

We enable people to thrive by extending the four walls of the health system into the home, work, and community.

Our passion is to create a world where Every One is empowered to optimize their health.

We believe that beyond technology, healthcare needs a new model, better collaboration and more access for all.

No one company can do it alone.

We are looking for organizations and individuals passionate about changing the game.

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